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Duties and Responsibilities


Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Study, analyze, provide policy recommendations and strategies,  as  well  as  coordinate  trade  negotiating  policies.
  2. Participate  in  bilateral,  sub-regional,  regional  and multilateral  trade  negotiations  including  under  other relevant  international trade and  economic cooperation/organizations.
  3. Participate  in  bilateral,  sub-regional,  regional  and  Multilateral  trade  in  services, investment  and  e-commerce  negotiations  including  under  other  relevant  international  trade and economic cooperation/organizations
  4. Negotiate  free  trade  agreements.
  5. Study  and  analyze  economic  policies  and  measures  of  trading  partners  as  well  as  effects  of  international trade  negotiations  on  Thailand.
  6. Preserve  and  secure  national  interests  in  international  dispute  settlement  in international  trade  at  the  bilateral, sub-regional, regional  and  multilateral  level.
  7. Promote  and  disseminate  knowledge  and  understanding  of  international  trade negotiations  and  propose  policies  and  recommendations   for  adjustments  as  well  as guidance  on  trade  and  economic  cooperation
  8. Develop  database  and  information  systems  for international  trade  negotiations.
  9. Undertake  other  operations  and  duties  of  the  department  as  required  by  the  law including  other  duties  as  assigned  by  the  minister  and  the  cabinet

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